Brand Story




A letter combination consisting of the initial letter T and lying S, and its shape is similar to the word “乐” in music.

And the English abbreviation “TSMR”The brand name is taken from the name of the “Tang Song” era, which was the prosperous ancient China economy and culture.”MIRAI” represents the future of ancient China spirit, as well as the present future.

Beijing Tangsong Boyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is the holder of all trademarks of TANSIO MIRAI.

The company was registered in 2016. The TANSIO MIRAI Art Audio Studio began to develop earphones in 2014, constantly learning audio technology and improving tuning, repeated comparisons and experiments, and thus produced the prototype of the first generation product.

The founders and producer all graduated from the Academy of Arts, with a high level of art and aesthetic awareness, and adhering to the traditional handmade craftsmanship, after technical learning and professional training, strictly control and inspect product quality.

The company officially began to sell custom earphones and universal mold earphones in 2018. It has grown over time and used more excellent raw materials and more mature tuning methods to produce high-end custom earphones series products. 

For the future, we continue to innovate and forge ahead, gradually find our own positioning and brand characteristics, and will always be attached to it.