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  • Use 3 American Knowles driver
  • 3 independent drivers each side
  • 6 independent drivers on both sides
  • 1 Knowles ED29689 and 2 Knowles 22955
  • 3-way crossover, 7 tuning switches, 12 frequency division components on both sides(USA and Japan imported high quality components)
  • Low frequency sound tube channel combination + high frequency independent catheter + damping and other physical tuning technology

Tuning trend

  • Using the neutral sound as the basis of tuning
  • 7 kinds of tuning switches, high frequency, medium frequency, low frequency enhancement and weakening
  • All-round style, female vocals, heavy bass, male bass, musical instruments, etc.
  • The sound go through 2 sides of 12 imported high standard quality crossover components and precise adjustment of physical tuning methods such as damping sound tubes
  • Its energy and sound performance can be switched by adjustable switch


  • Unit driver:1 Knowles BA  ED29689  + 2 Knowles BA 22955
  • Frequency range: 15Hz-20kHz
  • Features: 3-way crossover 2 tubes
  • Impedance: 15ohm
  • Sensitivity:113dBL/mW
  • Reduce noise:26dB
  • Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Tuning mode instruction

0 means push down ,1/2/3 means push up

Mode 1:

100: Bass enhancement mode

120: Mixed tuning

Mode 2:

020:All balanced mode

103: Mixed tuning

Mode 3:

003: Mid-treble enhancement mode

023: Mixed tuning

123: Mixed tuning (lowest impedance)


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