Tansio Mirai

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About us

Chinese trademark:唐宋未来


English trademark:TANSIO MIRAI


English abbreviation:TSMR

The brand name is taken from the Tang and Song dynasties when the ancient Chinese economy and culture were at their peak.

"未来" represents a vision for the continuation of prosperity in the past and the present.

TANSIO MIRAI started to develop earphone-related products in 2014, and later established Beijing Tang Song Boyuan Technology Co., LTD in 2016.


Earphone design and production team from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, adhering to the high level of production technology, improve the custom earphone aesthetic standards.


After several years of precipitation, the company began to officially release custom earphones and universal mold earphones in 2018. To sound first, to beauty for constant.


We adhere to the use of high-quality materials, gradually accumulate and develop more mature and more characteristic tunings, and constantly surpass ourselves.


For the future, we will continue to innovate and forge ahead to find our own positioning and brand characteristics.