Our IEMs

  • Handcrafted
  • Medical grade resin shells
  • Tuning stwitches
  • Knowles and Sonion BA drivers
  • HQ circuit components
  • Universal/Custom shells
  • Highly customizable

“The TSMR-3 Pro is a clear sounding iem”

"The TSMR-3 Pro is a clear sounding iem that provides a tight bass performance, engaging midrange and extended yet controlled treble in its balanced mode. In addition, its versatility is showcased with 3 switches that can allow the user to experience a total of 7 sound signatures. The Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 Pro builds on the foundation of TSMR-3 with an improved sonic performance and it is another winner from Tansio Mirai."

“TSMR-3Pro is a slightly warm, musical with highly detailed earphone”

"At 200$ – 300$ level competition is pretty tough in the market and there are many good earphones in this price range, and TSMR-3Pro is one of them. If you want it to get slightly warm, musical with highly detailed earphone, you might want to look at TSMR-3Pro. This is a great sounding earphone for its price. And also 7 different tuning option is great for whoever wants to play with various sound signature."


“For me,4Pro is another hit from the brand Tansio Mirai. It sounds detailed, rich and very well balanced. With excellent build quality, 3 tuning switches, detailed sound and unlimited customization options, TSMR-4Pro is a no brainer and an easy recommendation. Recommended, check it out!”


“TSMR-3 Pro are probably not the most technically proficient IEMs in this price range, but they offer a very pleasant musical experience that might well make up for that. They are easy to enjoy IEMs and the option to fine tune the signature through the use of the three switches is a nice addition. The switches work really well and each setting sounds coherent.”

Our Custom IEMS Collection

  • Various faceplate colors and cavity colors available for you.
  • You can also send any color/picture you like to us to custom .
  • Custom your private  earphone with digital ear impressions .

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