At 200$ – 300$ level competition is pretty tough in the market and there are many good earphones in this price range, and TSMR-3Pro is one of them. If you want it to get slightly warm, musical with highly detailed earphone, you might want to look at TSMR-3Pro. This is a great sounding earphone for its price. And also 7 different tuning option is great for whoever wants to play with various sound signature.

The sound of TSMR-3Pro  is extremely enjoyable and easy to listen too. The may not have the best resolution, deepest bass or widest stage but what they do have is a fantastic vocal presentation on both male and female voices, excellent timbre to the notes and an very easy going but yet audiophile (if I dare say) sound. Their whole presentation is quite romantic in a way and I must admit as although this is not really my preferred signature I’ve definitely fallen for them.

What Other Audiophiles Say

Положа руку на сердце, ответственно заявляю: TANSIO MIRAI TSMR-3 PRO – шикарные наушники. Это модель со своим шармом и утонченным музыкальным колоритом, которая должна найти немало почитателей.

Качество изготовления, внешний вид, функционал и, само собой, звук – все достойно похвалы. Особенно если не пытаться сравнивать эти наушники с элитным сегментом с заоблачными ценами.

Как несложно догадаться, я без каких-либо колебаний настоятельно рекомендую эту модель к покупке.

TANSIO MIRAI TSMR-3 PRO – great IEM. This is a model with its charm and sophisticated musical flavor, which should find a lot of fans.
The sound of the TSMR-3 PRO is clear, balanced, with high-quality separation of instruments, high-quality drawing of textures and excellent detail.
TSMR-3 PRO demonstrate excellent speed characteristics, realistic timbre transfer and excellent dynamics.
This is a very musical and naturalistic manner of presenting sound, with an exact transfer of all the small nuances of the composition, where every sound is filled with life and clothed with flesh.

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