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TSMR X 10th AE

Hybrid IEMs
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Tansio Mirai X 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 

2DD + 4BA + 1 Custom Film Retarding Driver Hybrid HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphone with Switches



About tuning


"X" as the 10th anniversary of the establishment of TSMR is a collection of years of technical accumulation, we continue to learn from experience, countless fine tuning, ten years of grinding a sword, through this work, complete self-breakthrough, and interpretation of our new understanding of sound.


The film slow pressure driver creates a more comfortable and relaxed listening feeling, which not only expands the sound field, but also makes the overall sound more natural and smooth, and the bass is more flexible.


Hollow coaxial structure dual dynamic driver, the rear driver through the hollow’s hole complete sounding, and produce a certain push-pull force on the front driver, not only to ensure sufficient energy, but also to provide a richer sense of layer, so that the quality and quantity of low frequency are greatly improved.


Using more efficient filtering technology, the background sound is cleaner, the mid-frequency vocal is clear and pleasant, the spatial stratification and positioning are clearer, and the high frequency is smooth and non-irritating.


Driver configuration


One side with 7 drivers, both sides total 14 drivers

Low frequency: 2 x 8mm strong magnet dynamic, hollow coaxial structure, Carbon mixed diaphragm

Mid frequency: 2 x Knowles balanced armature

High frequency: 2 x Sonion balanced armature

Full frequency effect: 1 x custom film retarding driver (this driver is detachable design, frequent disassembly is not recommended)


Low frequency control switch settings


Default standard tuning mode is 020, recommended to use this mode as a reference.If you do not want to use the bass tuning function, please ignore the tuning switches to use standard mode all the time.


20 x frequency division elements on both sides make the accurate and scientific tuning.

Bass enhancement (100 Mode), control factor: 0.51

Standard tuning (020 Mode), control factor: 1.0

Low frequency attenuation (003 Mode), control factor: 1.47


*The higher the control factor, the lower the low frequency energy.

*All switches are turned off to NO BASS mode.

*0 indicates that the switch is closed downward, and 1/2/3 indicates that the switch is opened upward.




Model: X

Driver: 2 x dynamic + 4 x balanced armature + 1 x custom film retarding driver
Material: 3D printing high quality resin shells.

Frequency response: 5-30kHz

Impedance: 10Ω

Sensitivity: 103dB

Connector:2pin 0.78mm

Cable Length:1.2m

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