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TANSIO MIRAI TSMR-3 PRO 3BA Knowles Driver 7 Tuning Switch 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone


Use 3 American Knowles driver

3 independent drivers each side

6 independent drivers on both sides

1 Knowles ED29689 and 2 Knowles 22955

3-way crossover, 7 tuning switches, 12 frequency division components on both sides(USA and Japan imported high quality components)

Low frequency sound tube channel combination + high frequency independent catheter + damping and other physical tuning technology

Tuning trend

Using the neutral sound as the basis of tuning

7 kinds of tuning switches, high frequency, medium frequency, low frequency enhancement and weakening

All-round style, female vocals, heavy bass, male bass, musical instruments, etc.

The sound go through 2 sides of 12 imported high standard quality crossover components and precise adjustment of physical tuning methods such as damping sound tubes

Its energy and sound performance can be switched by adjustable switch



Unit driver:1 Knowles BA  ED29689  + 2 Knowles BA 22955

Frequency range: 15Hz-20kHz

Features: 3-way crossover 2 tubes

Impedance: 15ohm


Reduce noise:26dB

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

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