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All models can custom faceplate,cavitity and CIEM with digital ear impressions.

Hybrid IEMs, EST IEMs, BA IEMs
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Tansio Mirai RGB

Flaship 8EST + 9BA Hybrid TOTL HiFi Audiophile 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone IEMs with 3 Tuning Switches



Sound Design

We know that balanced armature with electrostatic can achieve better consistency, and can obtain highly uniform smoothness and more advanced hearing sense, so we further break the limit of balanced armature, especially strengthen the low-frequency expressiveness of the open-hole balanced armature, stronger atmosphere sense, make up for the shortcomings of balanced armature's low frequency to the greatest extent, and make the overall sound of earphones more coherent, greatly raised the upper limit of the sound level. Eight electrostatic drivers on one side allow the sense of space and layering of sound to achieve an incredible new height. Super strong sense of presence and air makes listening to music relaxed and enjoyable.


Appearance design

The high light luminous glass tube is hand-made to form RGB effect, which forms a strong contrast with the starlight black panel. It can absorb natural light and shine for a period of time. It can also use the complimentary custom ultraviolet flashlight (which needs No. 7 AAA battery) to irradiate and quickly produce high brightness luminous effect.


Packaging design

The main body is made of walnut box with warm texture, and the built-in earphone bag is handmade. It is made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather, which is the first layer of cowhide tanned with natural plant dyes. The surface of the leather retains the grain and luster of the leather itself, making it natural and primitive. Vegetable-tanned leather skin will change color with time, the color will show different effects as the time of use increases, which is a way of “raising skin”. Under the "feeding" of time, slowly forming signs of aging is it cannot be reproduced, which is also the charm of Vegetable-tanned leather. The packaging also contains illustrations drawn by the founder of TSMR, as well as product introductions, instructions, and exquisite metal accessories boxes to further increase the layering of the packaging.


Collocation recommendation

When debugging this earphone, we refer to the following devices for tuning

1: IPHONE 13 PRO MAX+ AudioQuest decoder DragonFly Cobalt

2: Lotoo Paw Gold Touch player

To get the original listening experience, you can use standard cable + standard medium green silicone eartips +020 standard tuning



Model: RGB

Driver configuration: 17 drivers (4 Sonion open-hole for ultra-low frequency, 4 Knowles for middles frequency, 1 Sonion for high frequency, 8 Sonion electrostatic for ultra- high frequency)

Frequency division design: 4-way crossover, 5 channels

Impedance: 26Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 106dBL/mW

Passive noise reduction: 26dB

Frequency response range: 5-80 kHz

Technical application: cavity opening-hole optimized low frequency technology, ultra-fine copper tube optimized low frequency technology, switch tuning technology


Tuning mode instruction

0 means push down, 1/2/3 means push up

Mode 1:

100: Bass enhancement mode

120: Mixed tuning 

Mode 2:

020:All balanced mode

103: Mixed tuning

Mode 3:

003: high frequency enhancement mode

023: Mixed tuning

123: Mixed tuning (lowest impedance)

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