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The new Akiba is all about presenting the best of the Taniso Mirai. They have always made nicely capable monitors but the Akiba now incorporates one of the best articulare treble I have heard from any of their monitors. One of the best mids of any of their monitors and for BA bass the tops for bass as well. If you measure a flagship IEMs based on the best of the best of what the manufacturer can do, then the Akiba here is a success. I would have liked to have just a few DBs less mid to upper treble presence adding that to the lower mids but otherwise I get this particular signature and its tuning. It is going for a reference level of detail and is very good at it.





8 EST + 9 BA Hybrid 

2Pin 0.78mm

3 Tuning Switches

Luminous effect


3 BA + 1 DD Hybrid 

2Pin 0.78mm

3 Tuning Switches

What reviewers say 


The TSMR-5 is a musical sounding iem that is able to provide punchy bass, vivid midrange and detailed treble. The holographic soundstage provides a spacious feeling. There is an excellent showcase of control and energy. In addition, its versatility is showcased with 3 switches that can allow the user to experience a total of 7 sound signatures. The Tansio Mirai TSMR-5 is another outstanding iem from Tansio Mirai with its sublime sonic performance.


Sands have a clear w shaped signature due to the bass, upper mids and mid trebles playing a role in their sound signature but this time around the tuning here is more of a reference tuned detailed analytical sound signature. These share some sound traits from much higher end Tansio offerings including the bass end of the Lands and the treble of the TSMR-6 and mids of their flagship Sparks.


Land goes to show new uncharted places to visit. Greeted by vivid textures and an other-worldly soundstage, such technicalities make for an exciting phenomena. Big and often spacial reverb imaging goes the extra mile to guarantee you’ve never been to this town before. And while this IEM would be considered bright by most definitions of the word, it’s much more than that simple descriptor. Fine-tuning the LAND, just like the later released Sands, created a balance, a balance that brought a connection and involvement rarely discovered.

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