Tansio Mirai

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Driver: 2 Balanced Armature + 2 Dynamic Driver
2 x 8mm dynamic driver hollow coaxial carbon element diaphragm for low-frequency  
2 x Knowles balanced armature for mid & high frequency 
Impedance : 10 ohm
Sensitivity : 104dB
Frequency response : 10 ~ 20kHz



10th Anniversary IEM (2014-2024)

Driver: One side with 7 drivers, both sides total 14 drivers

Low frequency: 2 x 8mm strong magnet dynamic, hollow coaxial structure, Carbon mixed diaphragm

Mid frequency: 2 x Knowles balanced armature

High frequency: 2 x Sonion balanced armature

Full frequency effect: 1 x custom film retarding driver



Driver: 8BA + 4EST

4 –way crossover, 4 channels

2 acoustic open-hole BA for low frequency

4 Knowles BA for middle frequency

2 Sonion BA for high-frequency

4 Sonion electrostatic for ultra-high frequency


8 EST + 9 BA Hybrid 

2Pin 0.78mm

3 Tuning Switches

Luminous effect

What reviewers say


The TSMR-5 is a musical sounding iem that is able to provide punchy bass, vivid midrange and detailed treble. The holographic soundstage provides a spacious feeling. There is an excellent showcase of control and energy. In addition, its versatility is showcased with 3 switches that can allow the user to experience a total of 7 sound signatures. The Tansio Mirai TSMR-5 is another outstanding iem from Tansio Mirai with its sublime sonic performance.


Tansio Mirai is serious and if you can’t tell the TSMR-X is in fact a statement piece.I am here to tell you it does more than that. It raises the bar for hybrids sold anywhere near this price range that others will have to reckon with. It's the type of IEM you take on a long trip overseas as you can’t take. One IEM for EDM, one IEM for classical, and another for speed metal. No, you can just take the TSMR-X as it will excel at all of it..


Land goes to show new uncharted places to visit. Greeted by vivid textures and an other-worldly soundstage, such technicalities make for an exciting phenomena. Big and often spacial reverb imaging goes the extra mile to guarantee you’ve never been to this town before. And while this IEM would be considered bright by most definitions of the word, it’s much more than that simple descriptor. Fine-tuning the LAND, just like the later released Sands, created a balance, a balance that brought a connection and involvement rarely discovered.

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